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Our Signature Brand Argyle Prestige Meats is a premium Angus pasture fed brand raised on our farms on the fertile South-West slopes of NSW, near the town of Harden. Genetically selected to achieve marbling, tenderness and taste, our brand is the recipient of many awards from panels of experts in the Australian market.

Our cattle are processed in a close proximity to our farms ensuring all cattle are stress free.

The APM Brands are varied in order to support our growing and diverse markets.

Depending on our Domestic or International clientele we have the ability offer grass or grain fed beef and lamb.

We market our brand to suit our customers and their consumer needs in 27 countries worldwide.

Argyle Signature

Eight Mile

Diamond G

2 Farms

Kobayashi Beef

The Healthy Farmer

Please contact us for further information on our brands and how we can assist your market.