Our Difference

manildra meat company

The NSW South West Slopes not only has excellent rainfall it also has vastly fertile farming land. Our cattle and sheep have perfect grazing pastures with free flowing water.
In addition, our Farms are located close in proximity to the Abattoir providing stress free cattle and sheep enabling consistency at every stage of the process. Equally our state of the art processing plant is only a short drive from our Abattoirs where our many machines pack to our customer’s specifications.

about manildra meat lamb

Our multi-million-dollar plant utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to process the beef and lamb into client required specifications. Our world leading technology enables consistency. In addition, a full proof quality control at every stage of production.
Our customer driven focus and emphasis on tailoring to our client’s requirements is what we believe is our greatest strength.

China is the fastest growing market for Australian beef exports and a key market for Argyle expansion in Asia.   Argyle plans to leverage on its latest technology, best practices and highest industry standard of the processing plant in Australia to replicate it in a proposed China processing plant. The processing facility in China would provide portioning, packaging and value added services, expanding the imported premium beef products to both food services and retail channels in Southern and Eastern China.  With the proposed establishment of the value add processing plant in China, DCH and Argyle are well positioned to expand into Greater China, complementing existing DCH businesses in food processing and distribution while establishing a farm-to-table supply chain.

We have business managers Nationally and Internationally liaising with customers, performing regular tasting promotions and managing logistics. Our online ordering system is globally recognized and is extremely user friendly for our customers to use for both retail and wholesale.