About Argyle Prestige Meats

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Argyle Prestige Meats plant is located a short 21/2-hour drive from Sydney NSW, allowing both transporting, air freighting and shipping our product effortless via Sydney’s International Airport and Port – the gateway for international customers. In addition, our Farms are located close in proximity to the Manildra processing plant enabling stress free cattle and lamb to ensure consistency at every stage of the process.

Our multi-million-dollar plant utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to process beef and lamb into customer required specifications

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Our world leading technology enables consistency. In addition, a full proof quality control at every stage of production.

Argyle Prestige Meats are packing daily for domestic and international orders. With export access to over 100 countries, we can supply beef and lamb in chilled and frozen portions – including Asia, the Middle East, Northern America, central America and Pacific Islands. Argyle Prestige Meats also supplies leading Australian retailers and the food service industry with premium quality Australian beef and lamb.

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Depending on individual client’s requirements our multiple machines on site have the capability to pack in chilled or Frozen, covering all primal and retail, portioning (including value added) cuts of beef and lamb lines. Our diverse methods of packaging are MAP (modified air packaging), Darfresh, Thermo formed or cryovac.